Forget Everything And Play With New Sharks In Hungry Shark World

hungry shark world

If you love the world under water like me, then you will definitely love this latest version of Hungry Shark Evolution series. It is known as Hungry Shark World, and it is more thrilling and adventurous than its previous version. I am an old fan of mobile games. Every time the developers bring something new for us, I give it a try. This time, when Future Games of London has launched it on May 5, 2016, then I could not resist myself than going to the Google Play Store to download it. Fortunately, I have the device that runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which is the advisable platform for this game. The game has the console quality which I like most.

I had found this game interesting when there was the earlier version. Though that version failed to offer me such a wide range of sharks like this new one, but that was fun. Now, when I start playing this new version, I feel totally amazed. The game offers me 17 new species of sharks. Moreover, I get 7 new size charts for them. Unbelievable but true. Now, I can choose the shark as per their size. That means when I feel that I need a creature which is not big enough but can be a good swimmer, then I have the option.

The second best thing I love in this latest version is I get three beautiful and huge free-roaming locations. There is the Arctic Ocean, which is the base of a secret military camp. There is the Arabian Sea with a beautiful and rich industrial landscape. Apart from these two locations, there is Pacific Island, which is a popular tourist destination. The shark can get a lot of preys in these sites. I prefer to take part in as many game sessions as possible because these sessions provide me with a lot of currencies.

For me, achieving the coins is easier than gaining the gems. Well, I believe that I am not the only player who thinks like this. This is the general process of the game. Earning coins is easier than obtaining a certain amount of gems. However, I always prefer to save some of them in my account so that I can use them in the case of emergency. They help me a lot in buying the best shark and unlock the other crucial features of this game.

I love it when I get stronger jaws and faster speed by enhancing my rank in the Food Chain and reach the higher levels. The higher rank I obtain, the hungrier I can feel. I need more and more creatures to consume so that my shark cannot feel hungry. I need a lot of currencies for the same. I can purchase them from the In-App store with the help of the real money. Nonetheless, for me, it is quite easy to participate in the gold rush and other sessions and earn the coins. Sometimes, I get bonus points too. If you want to get free coins and gems in hungry shark world then you can also try your luck online by visiting the sites who provides Hungry shark tricks, but most of them are not original, although you can try them once. The game is available in multiple languages, and that is one of the great features of this latest version.

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